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Entry 274 - Surprises

Title is so obvious.

Jess R got me a present. She left a message on my machine saying so. She said she got me a dartboard. read right. A dartboard.

Could she be kidding? Or is she serious?

Either Always wanted one, actually. ^^; I can put up a few pics of my enemies and throw darts at them. That'd be fun.

Wonder if she'll call again, I don't think she wanted me to call her...wherever she was. Hope she updates so I'll know. Does she expect me to believe all this? I'm not sure if it's true.

Still bored, still posting. Anybody feel like talking?

School starts in 2 days. Well, less than 2, kinda one and a half now or something. I reset my alarm, have to get up earlier.

Who else is gonna be up late tonight? I think I might try the stay up all night method. Besides, want to be able to sleep, and if I go to bed, I'll sleep in and then be up too late and everything.

If that made any sense, that is. Oh well. Still bored. ^^;

Kelly-san made it back in one piece, yay. I would send stuff if I had anything to send...but I am not an artist. Sadly enough, anyway. Otherwise, I would heap great things on you.

Anyway, expect another entry tonight. Until later...

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