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Entry 273 - Randomness

Look at the clock. It's about 02:30 here, and I'm still up.

Carlin, maybe you should kill them. Or at least scream very loudly at them and make them feel sorry for keeping you awake. They should pay for that. You value your sleep, I know this for a fact.

Is anybody else up at this hour besides me? No? Wow.

2 days and counting. RJ, why are you idle for 3 hours, 3 minutes? Did you fall asleep and leave the compy on? Geez.

Yes, more randomness. I'm bored, what do you expect?

Yes, as previously stated, I have no life. Thank you, please drive through. Why else would I be posting another entry at 02:33 in the morning on the Sunday before school starts?

It's 'cause I have no life. Boredom reigns supreme. ^^;

Next, on the it's-so-late-it's-early show....

Me. Me being bored. Me being bored and posting entries on my LJ that do not make sense. My life makes no sense.

Because I have no life. That might be why. ^^;

Alright, anyway...until later...

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