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Entry 272 - Countdown to Doomsday

...2 days. Sad, isn't it?

I plan on having a b-day party this year. Nothing is going to go wrong, no way. Last year got screwed up so bad, no way is it happening again this year. I'm determined to have this go right.

Let's see, school starts the 2nd, Joanna's wedding (my cousin) on the 6th, my b-day (and school pics, again) on the 12th. Luckily, the 12th is on a Friday, and I'm taking full advantage.

Up-all-night anime party, anyone? Cake and stuff, too. At least, that's my plan. I'll see how things go, then start making the final plans.

Carlin, I have a little cow plushie with a crayon design on it. The cow is purple. I figured I'd ask you about it, see if you wanted it or anything. Just call it a (really early) b-day gift or whatever. It's cute, really. I've been looking for a home for it.

Jess R, you've been quiet again. Jess H, same for you. Of course, you've been grounded and on a camping trip, so that might be why. Hope we get entries again soon, both of you. ^^

Steph needs to get net access so we get entries from her again.

Carrie needs to get her little butt home and post, darn you.

Did anybody besides me notice that if you put RJ and Carrie together, it'd be "RK <3's CK"? That's funny. ^^

Kelly-san needs to be rescued from the evil roaches. Those things are very much not cool. Hope beyond hope that she comes back in one piece. I wish my muses were as funny as hers. ^^

Wonder if any of my teachers this year will be as weird, so I can bash them with my inner muses...that'd be amusing, I'd have to try not to laugh out loud and make them wonder what's wrong with me.

This entry is very random. ^^; Wonder why.

Muse community members, go look at my entry. We have a new event to come, once Sara-Manx-san returns. ^^ She's really cool.

..have I run out of randomness to post? Hee...randomness. I seriously love that word now. I forget where I got it from, now.

Anybody want some baby dolls? I have 4. I don't want them. Get them away from me. Preferably somebody in town. Somebody with little sisters who love dolls? Or even older ones who love baby dolls, whichever.

La la la, more randomness. Might as well do something before school starts. What is everybody doing on their last day of freedom?

I'm either staying up all night, sleeping in, or going shopping. Well, if I can go shopping, that is. I want to go get books. I'm behind on some of my reading, and I want to catch up.

Maybe I can talk mom into taking me to Borders...

Geez, long random entry. I must be really bored or something. Would any of you believe that I've been cleaning my room? Might as well make space in case I do have that party. Mom says she doesn't want to sacrifice her living room to however many girls will be here. She also says that the DVD player downstairs should hook into my VCR up here so we can use that. Not much space around my compy.

Blah, random. Why isn't *siiiiiiiigh* a mood? It should be. It counts as a mood around here, anyway. Maybe it's just a local thing?

Well, guess this should be ended now, before it starts making even less sense than it is now. So.....yeah. ^^;

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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