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Entry 270 - LJ Friends

My LJ friends are so busy with posting. ^^ It's a good thing, though, 'cause I love reading my friends' posts.

Kelly-san wa sugoi! ^^ Kingdom_Come wa sugoi!

Now, to see if the crazy psycho puppet comes back...hope he doesn't decide to haunt me for those words...^^; The pics have been so cute, I've been keeping up on the whole event.

Anybody new want to join the muse community? We have lots of openings, and lots of silence. ^^; It's a chance to have interaction and all sorts of stuff. Maybe the people in the muse community could get together in an AIM chat for a community RP? Maybe? Big maybe? ^^;

Carlin, Jeff, RJ, Carrie, and all other schoolmates: OMG, school starts soon. *diediediespaz* I'm so afraid. Who out there starts school soon? Who's already in session? I'm very afraid.

Looks like our full group will be at the costume party. Maybe, with the camera (or 2 O.O yipe), we can do that interview thing that we talked about a long while ago. How long has it been...?

So yeah, of ideas. ^^; Oops. Guess it'll be a short entry again. At least it's an update, right?

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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