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Entry 268

Look at me, I'm updating after a long time. I have a new friend on my friends list (you guys are all great, your game is going so well and with all the people involved, wow), and things seem to be going well in general.

Jessie, I'll watch for you online, I know several people have missed you like crazy during your time offline. Hopefully the party idea does come through and we can hang out and have fun. We'll have to hammer out the details together, but the basic idea is all set up. It could be a fun way to end an otherwise dreadful summer. ^^

Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, the summer's gone by really fast, and there's only a month until school goes back in session up here. I have my school supplies, all I need are clothes now. Watch out, people, I may be dressing differently this year. Like, skirts. And other assorted things you never really saw me wearing.

All depends on when mom takes me shopping.

So yeah, Jessie, if you get to me, I never got a call back from you, and hope we can do the costume party idea. Still want that monkey plushie I have here? If you want it, it's yours. We also got you a thing of candy fish at the store earlier, that's yours too.

Well, yeah, short entry, but it counts as posting and I heard that LJ's been having problems on and off. So sue me.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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