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Entry 267 - Late Night Road Trip

Also titled, "66 Miles to Bangor".

In case anybody wants to know why I happen to be updating at 2 in the morning, it's 'cause I just got back from a 7-hour road trip down to wonderful Southern Maine. Or, to be more exact, the Portland area. Or, to be even more exact, the town of Scarborough.

It all started earlier today after my OPT meeting. Steph, Carrie and I had met up with Jessie to do a bit of RP, then I called home for a ride. Mom then told me that Drew had to take Justin down to his mom's house to get stuff for his move out to CA. I gleefully agreed to go, excited to be going on a road trip.

I dropped my things off at home, then gathered a few items together and we set off in mom's car up to Orono, off-campus, to get Justin and the stuff he was bringing down with him. It was a long drive down, with a few stops in between for food and sodas and gas, but we made it there at around 8:30-9 pm. We'd left around 5:30-6; it was good time.

Justin drops off what he brought, then gets the stuff he's bringing with him together and piles it into the car he's taking. It's a little Mazda, and he'll be carrying a bike with him.

Problem #1 arises: the bike rack they have won't work on the car. Solution? We tie it down in the trunk and we follow him to watch it.

We get onto the Maine Turnpike (toll booths, for those who aren't familiar with the 'pike) and prepare to change over to I-95 North.

Problem #2: Justin misses the turnoff. We wound up waiting at the Exit 7 visitor's area for him, getting sodas and catching up. He meets us there when he gets off. Or maybe it was Exit 17, I'm not sure, it had a 7 in there, though.

We continue on our way after that. Justin tells us there's a Super Wal-Mart that would be open late, so we could get a bike rack there. He also says he could use a bike lock.

We go to the LL Bean headquarters, located in Freeport. My first time there, it's amazing. They have a trout pond...inside the store. And there's a pond outside where they try out canoes. It's so amazing, and I was so glad they decided to bring me.

Justin gets his bike lock, but is unable to find a rack for his car. Off to the Super Wal-Mart we go, about 11:30, Exit 31-B. It's now gotten cold, and I'm still wearing my shorts. He finds a rack, buys it, and I stand there watching as they try to attach the thing securely to the back of Justin's little car.

Growing bored, I ask them if I can walk over to the line of vending machines that are outside the store. They agree, telling me to just be careful and come back quick. That is where I discovered that there is at least one soda machine that has ginger ale in it.

I walk back over, amused at this, before asking Drew to unlock the car so I can get in and warm up. There's a breeze down there.

It's about 12:50 when we finally leave, the bike on the rack and us following to make sure it stays there.

Problem #3: Drew sees the bike move. We pull over, both cars, to the side of I-95 to check the bike. Nothing's wrong. We continue.

I begin watching the signs on the side of the road as we go by. The first sign I saw said "66 miles to Bangor". See where the alternate title for this entry came from? Then there were the exit signs, and counting those as they went by. I think we all started getting excited when we finally made it to Exit 45-A, first exit for Bangor area.

The closest exit to my house is Exit 48, which dumps out onto Broadway. As soon as we got there, it was all smooth sailing.

So, yeah, it was about 2 when we got in, and it's now about 2:30 as I write this. About 7 hours on the road, more or less. Long trip, and we made side trips and detours and the toll booths and everything. I'm glad to be home.

If this entry bored you to tears, I'm sorry. Of course, the ride home after this trip bored me, too. I guess you had to be there.

Muse community members, expect to see an entry from me sometime soon, giving highlights from the happy party. Happy b-day to Selphie. ^^ My muses will be celebrating all night, the party started at midnight and it's still going strong.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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