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Entry 266

Yay, update. ^^ Did you all miss me? Probably not.

Our group did meet today, great plan, Jessie. Hopefully everything goes well and tomorrow night, we watch the fireworks together. ^^ We did a lot of running around today, didn't we? Chasing, mostly.

Sara-chan, you probably might not see this, but I'm feeling a lot better after last night's (early this morning, actually) counseling session. ^^; You have a way with words, you know that? The chat was weird, really. Ori, who exactly are you mad at? Me? Sara-chan?

Tot, where's Star-chan been lately? Are you up to talking at all? Neko-chan, I hope you feel better after the chat. Elzy, hope you're doing well. Samu, good luck on the FL trip, have lots of fun. Sibu, should I expect your reply to the penpal letter thing or has that fizzled to nothing? Mika-san, I do hope things are going well, and that you got your laptop back.

To everyone else, I hope you're all well, and have a great holiday weekend. Go watch fireworks and eat lots of food and be with family and friends and celebrate. ^^ It's a time for parties and joy.

And for my friends out there who are WK fans, tomorrow we celebrate Aya-kun's b-day, so should we do a chatroom party for that? If anybody wants to, let's get together and party, even if we can't meet up in real life.

Carlin, why not join us on the waterfront instead of shelling out money for the bridge? We'll be center stage, and not having to pay. Besides, you can be with all of us. I'll bring twinkies...^^

Better news: Dusty and Aunt Paula will be joining us for dinner tomorrow. Yay. I hope that Aunt Paula brings White Dog with her, he's so cute. And Carrie leaves for Auburn on Saturday (boo), Jessi-ca does the camp thing, and Steph works. Jessie might be free, though, wanna get together again this weekend or something? We can hang out and do stuff...or stuff. ^^;

Well, I shall be off now, to sleep and do stuff. Anybody wanna chat? I'm online, you can find me real easy. Everybody have fun.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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