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Entry 265 - Newbie

Everybody give a warm welcome to Jessi-ca, who as of today has joined our happy LJ family. Check your e-mail, Jessi-ca, there should be a notice from LJ confirming your journal and stuff and then an e-mail from me. ^^ Won't this be fun?

Jessie, hope you manage to get everything done this summer that you really wanna do. I still have your little dog, I'll get it back to you next time we meet up, seriously. Steph, can I have my tape back sometime soon? I really do miss it...

Carrie, here's to hoping that the group stays together. It'll be a long summer if we break apart, being lonely is hard during such a long season. If you want, I'll dig out book 1 of Angelic Layer for you, and maybe tomorrow we can get together and hang out. Just be warned, I might not be up for doing the pool thing again, I'm still in pain from the last one. ^^; Sunburns are not fun.

I found out today that my friend Ethan has an LJ. If you see this, Ethan, drop me an e-mail or something. Maybe we can hang out this summer or something, I'm only about a 5 minute bike ride away. ^^

Jessi-ca, here's to hoping you get the rest of those episodes finished, I can't wait to find out what happens in the rest of 20. That, and you gotta get 11...all of it. ^^;

So, hope you all enjoyed the bit about the wedding (I kissed White Dog before we left to head home, I just had to do it), and expect to see more entries from me during the season.

Has anybody up here from BHS gotten report cards yet? We're still waiting. I got a notice on summer school...75 bucks per course, no possible way. That's too much to ask for, people.

Anybody tried those mint and creme Oreo cookies? They're really good...and really impossible to put down. ^^;

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!


PS: Tot, I like the idea of Rune being a sorceress (sorcerer, whatever), and Reno being his knight. Brotherly love, anyone? ^^
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