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Entry 262 - Countdown

I'm updating again, aren't you all happy? ^^

I have plans this weekend, yay. And tomorrow, if I'm lucky. Be on the lookout for Jessi-ca, we plan on getting her on LJ Sunday. ^^ So she'll be joining our little LJ family. Be nice to her, k?

The wedding is in 2 days, and I'm so excited. I found a dress (an old one of mine that I wore once to a school dance in 7th grade) and a pair of shoes (ones that mom had stashed in the basement). All mom needs to do is find her outfit. She offered to sew the button back on my sweater (remember it? With the white shirt underneath, I wore it to school a few times?) so I can wear it down there. After all, we'll be on the coast, and my dress has thin straps. Don't wanna be cold, now. ^^

Jessie, I think I might take your advice and find something to do this summer. Maybe I'll go to my favorite shade tree and just write whatever comes to mind. Of course, that might get me into trouble, writing-wise, since whatever comes to mind usually ends up with us doing weird stuff. Oh well. Maybe I'll see about the bakery thing. Or maybe I can bake stuff for all of you guys. ^^ Should we do the waterfight thing? Might be fun.

Anybody in the muse community want to do another challenge? If so, suggestions can always be made. Drop a comment in here or an entry in the community, and we'll see what we can come up with. ^^

Arg, it's hot in here. Want AC, like, now. Why is it that my room is always the hottest room in the house? Even mom's is cooler than mine, and she has the skylights. -.-; Want coolness.

Mika-san, good luck on your writing project, and I'll bet we're all waiting to see them when you're all done. ^^ Keep up the great work. I'll have to see some of the series you're talking about, now.

To all the others out there, maybe someday we can talk. ^^ I like talking to people, and I'm always on AIM. Hey, Sibu, have fun with all your games and stuff, and I'll be watching for the letter. Can't wait for it to get here. ^.~

Samu, how goes the muses? They all getting along? ^^;

Expect to hear from me again, maybe posting from Jessi-ca's compy. Expect to see a new person on my friends list/page. ^^

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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