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Entry 260

Yay, I'm updating again. ^^ The results of the muse challenge were surprising, to say the least. Maybe we should do another challenge soon, and I'll keep the userinfo updated. Thanks again for the password and stuff, Ori, and your parts in there will remain.

Two more weeks unti school's out, way cool. Who wants to celebrate with me on the last day? Anybody? Let's get the circle together and have a party or something. We can raid the machines and go to the park or something, have a real party. It'll be a Friday, you all are free, right?

Mall trip today was cool. Does anybody know where to find Saint Tail volume 3? I've been looking for it, and so far, no luck. Oh well, I have 4 and 5, so maybe I'll catch up. My collection continues to grow, yay. I also got some button candy (anybody remember that stuff? ^^) and a candle, as well as a plaid notebook. Yeah, it's a spiral bound notebook with a plaid-look cover. It's actually a striped plastic overlay that crosses the design on the cover and makes it look plaid, but it's still cool, right? I have 3 now.

Jessi-ca and I have gotten really close. Maybe it's because she's almost normal..? Carrie with the made-up 'language' of's scary sometimes, and I wish she'd come back to reality. Being insane is not cool, how can she enjoy it?

Jessie and I are alike. In fact, we're so alike, it's funny. Of course, she's closer to Steph, so oh well. I still have Jessi-ca, so I guess it's all good. Maybe it's for the best...?

The year's winding down, and things are heating up. Literally. Of course, the rain isn't making it seem nice, but it's still getting warmer. Maybe the last day will be nice enough for us to go to a park and have a party. If all else fails, we could always go to my house and party there, music and stuff. Finals are coming up, is everyone ready?

Carlin, are you happy I'm updating? Or does it not matter?

Samu, did I mention Keir is so spiffy? Did I mention he's a scary sadistic guy who is just too cool to hate? ^^

Did I mention I'm kissing up to him? Or you? ^^;

Mika, Amanda, Bunny, and all the rest of you: all of you rock, and you should walk with your heads held high. Forget the rude comments and be proud of yourselves. ^^ You at least have one person who supports you: me. So kick butt, alrighty?

Steph, Jessie, Carrie, Jessi-ca, and me...all together, we form our circle of power. We lean on each other and learn from each other. Every one of us has something to teach.

And something to offer, in my case. ^^; Pastries.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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