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Entry 257 - Updating Again

Yay, it's after midnight and I'm updating for lack of anything else to do. Samu, I posted Myra's entry in the muse community, so Inori can see how she felt about the date. Ori, can you e-mail me the password to the muse community? I don't have it here, and I was going to edit the info...and Jessie's waiting to hear from you, too. Glad my e-mail worked. ^^

Carrie, if you get to see this, good luck in the tournament on Friday and I'll try to do good as announcer. ^^;

Jessie, good luck on...well, everything. ^^; Hope you get further in your games, and maybe we can get our full group (all of 4 people) together this weekend to do stuff. We haven't had a good mission in a while, we should get together and at least run around and stuff. Maybe do some park-hopping, and go up to the standpipe - I hear it's supposed to be nice this weekend, and we'll all be in town...right?

Oh well, it's just a thought anyway. Up to you, really.

Hope things clear up for you, Samu-chan, and that your boyfriend comes back to reality and supports you. You're a really great person, I hate to see you upset and sad.

To everybody else, I hope that things are going well for you all and that...well, that it stays that way.

I found out that I'm passing bio now. Yay, 89. And a C in math (84.8), and a lot of other stuff. Not sure what I'll get a notice in (if anything...), so guess I'll have to wait. This quarter is going to go well, even if it kills me.

And by the way, it just might. ^^;

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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