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A 2-hour tour...and we all came back happy ^_^

I'm happy now, 'cause I wasn't stuck inside all night last night. It was cloudy out, so I couldn't see the full moon, but I hung out with Jessie and Carrie and got some candy out of it, too. So, it wasn't such a bad night after all. We spent 2 hours walking around on the west side of town, stayed out until about 8:30, then went back to Jessie's to sort out the candy. We swapped candy back and forth until Carrie's ride came to take her home. Jessie and I talked, then she read me what she added to her story. Then I went home shortly after.
I hear there's another football game coming up. Maybe I'll ask Jessie if she wants to come. Carrie, too...if I can get ahold of her, that is.
I might go over to Mike's sometime soon...tomorrow, maybe, or next week sometime. It all depends on when he asks. We'll find something to do.
I have a quiz over act 1 of the play in English...hope I pass. Jeff and I were about to die because we had a scene with Romeo trying to charm Juliet...and I was Juliet to his Romeo. *lol* Funny, really....and the famed "balcony scene" is coming up very soon....^_^
The reading contest ends at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, and it's a bitter battle for the gold between my class and my friend Leigh's class before us. We're in first, but her's is right behind us. Who is gonna win? That's something nobody knows yet...until tomorrow, anyway.
Well, there's nothing much else going on. Caley and I are working on a story of our own, but we haven't gotten any farther since a couple nights ago. Maria and I have gotten back to working on our story, but so far, only little bits have been added.
So far, Mike and I both seem to have the so-called "song of time" stuck in our heads, and it actually is such a catchy tune that you just can't help it. It's kinda cool, really.
I need to go to bed very soon. I wanted to stay home and sleep today, but couldn't. I ended up laying in bed until 7:10, which is 20 minutes before I have to leave for school. My mom drives me 'cause I'm too slow and I can't walk there in the mornings. I walk home in the afternoon, and I have about 3 or 4 ways to get there. I can go through the woods, to the sidewalk and then into the woods, up the sidewalk and through our neighbors' yards, and through the corner path straight to my neighborhood. I used to go down to Carlin's place, but I haven't been lately 'cause there's no real reason. Besides, I'd like to be home so I can talk to my friends on the phone and I don't want to use hers.
I'm gonna do something to entertain myself and then go to bed. I need my sleep and I want to do my little games. If anyone has any questions, comment and I'll answer, k?
Laters and niters, all....sleep well and have dreams, all of you out there in LJ land. ^_~ Get some sleep and relax. Niters!


P.S., I know I need to put another chracter bio in here, and I will when I can, k? Don't worry...look in my next entry and I'll try to put one in for you. Laters!
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