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Entry 256 - Changes

Look, another entry in one week, instead of a month passing. Can it be I'm getting back into the hang of posting? Wow. ^^

Jessie posted! Yay. ^^ If she gets that role, she's going to probably pounce on me or something. Good luck and stuff.

Members of the muse community, there is a notice posted. Challenge, anybody? Read the entry and start having some fun. Might as well get it back up and running. Anybody outside the community want to be judge? We're looking for an unbiased decision, and you all are welcome.

Have 2 tests tomorrow, and it's supposed to rain all day again. I want sunshine again, I miss it. Jessie..or should I say, Horizan, I plan on finishing that story and you are so given permission to read it. Besides, don't we beta for each other? It's fun. Maybe you can come over this weekend or something. Who did you say was moving away?

Carrie...well, hope you come back soon. You guys could check the Granadas up on Ohio St, they might have a few apartments open that you and your mom could rent. It's not a bad place, and it's still within range of Jessie's. In fact, it's in between Steph's and Jessie's, so no prob.

Gym was...weird. We did a 'balance test', which involved each of us mounting one of the mountain bikes (the teacher brought in 2) and riding across the gym without falling. Lame, yeah, but what could we do?

Hirsch has us playing 'Whose Line' games in class now. When she read off the list of games she chose, we were surprised that she didn't say 'scenes from a hat'. Of course, we suggested it to her, and she added it in. ^^

Well...guess I'll post this and head off to do stuff. Good luck, muse community members, and I look forward to entries. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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