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Entry 254 - One Day More ^^

No, not the song. Vacation starts in one day, so I've been saying that all day. Plus, one of the guys in my WG class was whistling the tune of The People's Song during the class, so I got it back in my head. Weird, I know. ^^;

Drew just ordered my new phone, complete with caller ID and speakerphone, and a seperate headset. Cool, huh? Now we'll finally stop those stupid spam calls I keep getting. And the phone is it's all cool. ^^

Elzy, we found another fan out there. We're not the only ones...but his journal only allows friends of his to comment, so I couldn't leave one. Sad, really, but I can send you the link to his entry so you can see.

Got my report card today...and didn't do as bad as I expected. Didn't pass bio or WG (expected it, sadly) but barely passed geometry with a D. The other classes were passing, C and B and stuff. No As, though. Oh well.

Jessie, Tot messaged me again. She has a bunch more new online names, so we have to start finding her again. Hope you get back online and that you guys are able to talk again.

I've been surprised twice this week. On Monday, Steph actually said hi to me...and a couple days later, she came over and sat with me at lunch. Is something changing that I don't know about? Or does she still feel the same way?

Half the school isn't going to be around tomorrow, I just know it. Supposedly, tomorrow is 'national skip day' and everybody can stay home. It happens the Friday before every vacation, and a lot of people think it's just an excuse to skip school and start vacation early. Oh well, we get to have fun in a lot of classes tomorrow. ^^ Makes up for it.

My homebase teacher is warped. When we get dismissed to our homebases for report cards, the teachers usually just give them out and everybody leaves. No, my teacher holds us all in the room so everybody gets there, then gives out the report cards and we wind up held until 2. It's sad, we're sitting in our classroom while the rest of the school is escaping through the doors and catching buses or whatever. Too weird.

Who else has spring break coming up? Who's already had it? Are you all going to have fun?

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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