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Entry 253 - Events Unfold

I need to get better at updating this thing, don't I? Oh, well..have some time now, so might as well.

So, here's the story. Steph tells us that she's moving to Portland with her dad, right? We all believe her, since she claims she's been having troubles at home. Turns out that it was all a big joke. Har har, very funny. >< We weren't amused.

I'm sick of her treating me like garbage and stuff. I was secretly hoping it was true, so that the torture would end and things would go right again. She found out from Carrie (who told her after swearing she wouldn't) and proceeded to act like she was the one who was wronged.

Since then, Jessie and Carrie still talk to me, and we get along quite well. Steph is another story, though. I thought that our online discussion cleared things up...but it didn't. Apparently she still hates me.

Friday was a real kicker. I'd been sitting with Donna and them for a couple days (they invited me over to their table) and I was there. Steph comes in and flips out at me. Then she calls one of the supervising teachers over. He tells her that he can't do anything because nothing has happened. I didn't do anything wrong, therefore he can't move me.

She did tell him a lie. She hadn't been sitting with them all year; she and I had been sitting together well before that, from the time I first came to lunch with her prior to my schedule change up until last month. Nick was there, Yurika was there, they can confirm it.

She says I'm bad when I don't get my way? I thought she was going to cry. Now do you know how it feels, since you've gotten a taste of what you dish out? Hope you get it now.

After school on Friday, Dusty and I met up and had a little bonding session...I love the time we spend together. We did a little shopping (pocky trip ^^) and then headed to DQ for ice cream. There, we had a nice long talk about the problem at hand. Hopefully things will either get settled or vanish...I'm sick of conflict and I don't like my friends being in the middle.

Spent the weekend at home. Managed to finally get my bike out for the season on Saturday, and ran a few errands on Sunday (one was to Carlin). It's been really windy lately, so it's hard to keep my balance. It's getting nicer, though. ^^

Jessie, hope you get your net access back soon, I'll keep an eye out for Tot. I don't see her LJ updated anymore...maybe she's deleted it? Hope not. If you get a chance, maybe we can all meet up after school or something. I can always catch a bus with you guys, nothing big. ^^ Good luck with your vacation.

Carrie's here again; had to go rescue her 'cause her mom and that boyfriend guy were fighting again. Right now, she's sleeping as I write this, but I'm going to rattle her cage in a few minutes.

Carlin, I do so want to start that courier service. I can't wait until it gets nice enough for it. Should I do deliveries and you handle orders? Or what's your plan? We'll plan. ^^

So, yeah. Gotta go wake up Strata-no-baka now, before it gets late. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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