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Entry 252

Ever have one of those nights where things seem to get really freaky really fast? Well...get ready for my record. ^^;

Last night was cool, the show went well and stuff, and the dance afterwards was fun. Yeah, I did have my first slow dance, but Jeff's making a bigger deal out of it than me. Can we say 'role reversal' much? He dragged me out there. ^^;

Then today. Steph and I cleared a few things up...I think. At least we figured out what I did say and what Carrie claimed I said. I don't even type those words, much less say them out loud at all...I can't say stuff like that.

When my phone rang the first time, earlier tonight, I thought nothing of it and went to answer. Of course, I had no idea who was calling, so I pretty much answered it as I would a wrong number and hung up. Nothing unusual, right?

Until somebody else called, a little later, same way.

Is it a night for weird calls or what?

And there's more. I gave mom my phone so she could answer for me (after that first call, I let the machine pick up) and she came up a while later to give me the phone, asking if I could just tell them to stop calling...or something like that, anyway.

There were 3 people on the other side, 2 girls and a guy, all talking at once. I had no clue who these people were, how did they know me? And why were they asking me about going to concerts and bars with them? Too weird. Eventually, I wandered downstairs and begged mom to help get me off the phone. She played along, asking loudly when I'd be off so she could use the phone (my phone, mind you) and I took my chance to say "gotta go, bye now!" Click.

I so owe her one. Why do all these people come after me?

Steph, Jessie, Carrie...what do you guys say? Do we reunite our party and resume our fight against evil? And against freaky callers like...whoever that was on the phone? ^^; I'll try harder, really...I just want us all to get along and stuff again.

So...guess that winds things up here. Muse community members, we need posts, seriously. Where are all of you guys? Nobody has anything to say? How about some new members, then? Anybody?

Alrighty...well...niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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