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Entry 250 - Weekend Review

Yipe. I haven't updated since Monday? Well, that has to be fixed, and here goes something...

Tuesday went slowly, setting up for Showcase and stuff. I came home about 3, then went back about 6:30 to check things out. Mom dropped me off, and I set out on my own. Along the way, I met up with a few friends, and we wandered around, looking at the various things on display. The observatory was open, so of course I had to check that out...huge place, and way cool.

The Les Mis cast did a few songs, and I went to watch that. Resisted the urge to sing along from where I was. ^^; What? It's true, I love the songs and I can sing bits of them.

Wednesday was a normal day, up until that night. Got up to the school around 6, and waited for somebody else to show up. Found the first person I recognized (Eleni, from class) and we ducked inside to wait for everybody else. They all showed up, and Hirsch showed up soon after, her daughter in tow.

The play was great. Upbeat music, wonderful cast, and lots of laughing. I'm surprised that the cast could keep from breaking into laughter while they were talking. ^^

Didn't get home until about 10, after the bus returned around 9:30 and mom going to get food. Fun night. ^^

Thursday was normal. OPT night, we got together and dressed up lollipops to look like bunnies and flowers. Discussed things for the dinner/movie night event coming up, and other assorted things.

Friday...was of course, normal. Horribly normal.

A few things I missed: the ice cream trip that Carlin and I did after school on Tuesday (DJ Carlin! ^^) and a surprise event on Thursday...

Carrie called me around 6 Thursday night, asking if she could come over here. I was half-asleep, but she explained the situation and I told her to hurry as fast as she could. So she stayed the night, and we had fun.

Then came Friday morning, and school. Turned out that Carrie had ended up bringing a dirty shirt, and I gave her one of my new ones to wear. Hey, I wasn't wearing it, and I probably never will, so it might as well get used. Besides, she looked great in it.

Speaking of which, I should get it back soon. Whenever you're done with it, Carrie?

Now, for this weekend. ^^ Mall trip yesterday, with my regular group. We met up at the mall (after waiting about a half an hour or so for our last member, RJ) and proceeded to follow our somewhat-typical plan. Of course, there were a few differences...while the guys and Carlin checked out (place I will not mention for Carlin's privacy), I went to B Dalton and looked at the strategy guide for KH. Hey, something fun to do, right? ^^;

Got food, got candy, got books...I'm happy. I had a heavy bag when I headed home, which is a big change for me. I have star labels...fear me. ^.~

Stayed home and slept most of today. Mom says that she might take me clothes shopping this week if she gets a chance, so that's cool. I haven't done it in a while, and I really want to go. Mom's one of the only people I trust with that sort of thing...although sometimes, I trust Carlin and Jeff. By the way, you guys, I told mom about that dress you made me try on, and mom said it sounded pretty. Maybe someday...^^;

And I have another new friend! Hiyo to Elzy, my newest LJ buddy! Hope we can talk again soon...and start that RP, and I'll try working on my story again.

And even more news: Samu messaged me today, finally. We didn't talk for long, though...I said brb, and then she vanished by the time I returned. Oh well, maybe sometime we can resume our little game.

Ori...did you ever try messaging me today? I never got an IM from're on, I'm on, it might work.

Yeah, I'm done. Going now. ^^ Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!


PS: Eddie-kupo, are we ever gonna be able to talk again? Our first chat was fun, let's meet again sometime soon, k? ^^
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