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Entry 249 - Updates

Hey, look, I'm back. ^^ Miss me? Anybody? Aw, who am I kidding? Nobody missed me..

I haven't updated since the mall trip, wow. Guess I should do that now, huh? Well, the downtown trip went well, as we expected. Here's the overview:

I actually walked down to Carlin's around 12:20, and she and I were picked up soon after. I love the doll, Carlin, he's such a cutie! ^^; We met up with RJ as planned, in front of the library, and were left to our own devices.

First thing we did was get me a library card. ^^ So I can take stuff out from there, now...once everything gets back in, that is. All the good stuff was out. Sad, huh?

Proceeded to wander around, and soon set off in search of other things. One of our walks took us to this neat little comic shop, which we looked into, and came back later on to pick up some last minute things.

Oh, and the children's museum, that place was cool. I'd never been in there before our trip, and it was amazing. So much to do but so little time for us. Oh, well..maybe we'll go back someday. ^^

More wandering, then back to the comic shop. After that, food run. Walked from there to Jeff's place, and hung out there for a while. His mom took us all home after that.

Sunday: slept. Lots of sleeping. When I wasn't sleeping, I was reading fanfic and chatting with people. Not much else, sadly enough.

Now, for this week. Today was nothing big, being a Monday, but I do know my week is going to be busy. Dusty and I went for a ride today, around town (went by Steph's, Jessie's, and Carrie's) and then back here to hang out before she had to go. I always enjoy the time we spend together, but it always feels so short. Maybe it's 'cause it goes so fast...'cause we're having so much fun. ^^

Tomorrow night is Showcase, which means I'll be at school until about 3 helping to set up for that night. Hopefully it'll be fun.

Night after that, the acting classes are going to see a play up at UMaine...but we don't get to miss school. It's not until about 7 at night, which means leaving here about 6. Hirsch has the tickets and all, and is going to try to rent a bus to get us all up there. I wonder if Linden's going...? Or anybody else I know...

Thursday, of course, is OPT night. We're still planning that dinner/movie night thing we came up with. It should be fun, we're all excited...but Jess R. needs to stop saying pineapple to everything. Too weird...

...of course, she's one of those types that likes tests and getting hw...

Anyway, I'm hoping that maybe this weekend our group can meet up and do something fun. Jessie, will you be online sometime this week? I really want to read what you have on the revised big should be interesting. ^^

Carrie, if you need anything, I'm here. ^^ Even if it's just somebody to listen to your griping, I'll listen.

Steph needs to get back online so I can send her that story. Unnatural pairing, much? Like I said, not NC-17, but just as good. You might actually like it. ^^;

Carlin, how's the reading coming? Are you finished with 3 and 4 already? You can borrow them for as long as you want, and just bring the bag when you're done. All 4 in one bag, wow...and then you can get into 5 and 6 and finally see the really good stuff. Wanna meet sometime this week for that study session if you're free? And they're trying to make you write positive stuff? Poor you.

Well, I think I covered everything. Expect further updates as events pass. ^^; Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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