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Entry 248 - Mall Trip

Finally went to the mall again, with Carlin, Jeff, and RJ. The day started off well, getting up about 9 (yeah, I set my alarm, but got up a few minutes before it went off) and continuing on. We didn't leave at 1 as planned, but around 1:30 or so. RJ was there 20 minutes before us, so we were all late.

We got there and proceeded to wander for a bit, meeting up with people from school, including a 6'2 stuck-up jock who followed us all over the place. We soon went to the food court, and managed to lose him there. While he was distracted, the 4 of us snuck off, leaving the mall and heading down to Borders. I got a book (Angelic Layer book 2, finally own it) and we went from there on. We crossed busy roads and dodged cars, but managed to make it all the way.

Then, on our way back towards the mall (after stopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond), the other 3 decided to do some risky, weird trip that they always do. I played it safe and chose to meet them up at Borders, in the parking lot. It got cold after a while, so I yelled to them that I'd meet them inside.

Proceeded up to the manga section, and read a book. After that was done, I went down to the cafe for a soda and to watch for them. Finished the soda, still no sign of them. Got worried. Back upstairs once more, looked at a CCS artbook, and then got a few pages into the Anime Companion before they caught up to me. At that time, it was about 10 minutes before 9, and we had to head back up to the mall.

All in all, it was fun. And now, I'm watching Bill and Nick in a chatroom, debating on stuff. Mom did tape the b-ball game, and I wonder who won. Well, might find out tomorrow.

So, here's my entry for tonight, and I hope you all enjoy it. Or not, doesn't matter to me. Anybody who wants to talk, I'll be here. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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