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Entry 247

I don't want a subject for this one. Today is pretty much a day I'd like to forget, really. Remember when I talked about my uncle being sick?

Well, he's gone. Lost him today. Mom told me the news when she picked me up, but I didn't cry until a few hours ago.

Got a 78 on my math test...C-, I think it is.

I'm not going to the game tomorrow night..can't find anybody to go with. So instead, mom's going to have the game taped here and I'm going to the mall with Carlin, Jeff, and RJ. At least we can all get out of the house, and we can get slushies.

Samu, are you up to talking? Maybe we could do something fun, if you want.

Mika, I can see why you like Angelic Layer so much. And I agree, Sai and Kaede are so close. They're so cool together. ^^

Is it spring yet? No? Well, it should be. I'm so sick of winter and snow and ice right now, that I'm tempted to take a torch and melt it all myself. I want grass and nice weather.

I'm bored, so I'm babbling. I'm in a chat with the mall people now, and I continue to say nyo. Pepsi-san, you got me hooked on it. ^^ Where are you?

Yeah, so, I'm bummed. Today was going so well, too...up until about 11:45 or so, when I went to Bio and saw Mr. Laflemme subbing for my class. My thoughts? Return of the evil substitute. >< And everything went down from there.

At least I had fun yesterday with the girls in OPT. We did the climbing wall thing, and it was fun. I went on the starting walls (slanted ones) and got about halfway up before getting scared and coming back down. Steph and Liz (Rivera, not the Liz in charge ^^) were trying out overhangs and stuff. Liz got all the way up on one of them, and you should've heard how loud we got. ^^

We planned out possible activities during the summer. One of them was a fashion show (Oo?) and a few others were beach trips or amusement parks. Fun stuff, really. ^^;

Guess I'm done here. To the ones not named, I hope you're all fine and dandy, and whoever needs hugs, you have them from me. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!


PS: You can still ask me questions out there, and I can try to answer. I await comments. ^^;
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