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Entry 244

No real title tonight. Can't think of one, anyway. ^^; Did we mention today was Carrie's b-day? No? Well, happy 15, Carrie. Welcome to another year.

We did the mall trip, as scheduled. Before that, though, a lady came to talk to us and to plan what our next community service thing will be. More on that when we get a chance, k?

On the mall trip, we had 2 groups of 4 each. In my group, there was Carrie, Jess R, Jen C, and me. We went in different directions, though...Jess and I got friendship necklaces at Claire's (bunnies! I got the best one, a purple bunny ^^) and later Carrie got a set for her and me (I got friends). I went to CVS later on, and got a set of pens for Jess and a small watercolor paint set for me.

See what you got me started on, Jessie? I'm wanting to paint now, Kira's inspired me and I have no artistic talent.

We did go to the food court, and we did ride the escalators. We found the other group in the food court, and we all went back to meet Liz at the door...but we were all a bit late. The full group was together, though, so we didn't have to hunt for anybody.

Testing was moved up a day 'cause of the chaos that occured yesterday. Carlin wrote it out, so go look at her LJ for details. So testing now runs into the end of mod 4 on Monday. Which means less time for my English class to plan for showcase. Carlin, did you get any date for showcase? Has anybody mentioned it?

I've begun reading MKR, so I'm now into 5 different series all at once. I am enjoying it muchly, and I only finished the first 2 books. Boy, I have a lot to keep up with, and each series is special in its own way. ^^;

Yeah, I'm slacking off. So? I hate being in my math class, and it's worse 'cause that's what my test site is. So after I finish testing, I go to lunch and then right back to that room for math. Rar. And lunch during testing is horribly crowded...chair shortage, early lunch and 7-8 merged all together in the cafeteria. Can we say 'overload'?

Alright, alright, I'm going to do my hw, happy? Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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