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Entry 243 - Slush Hunt: The Sequel

Well, it wasn't exactly a hunt, but oh well. We got Dusty her first box of pocky (last box in the store!), then headed out to the mall. We looked for you, Steph...but I didn't see you there. She bought a few little things as we went to various stores, but I saved my money.

And I'm glad I did, but we'll get to that, won't we? ^^

We got slushies and a huge pretzel to share. And yes, we did ride the escalators in Filene's, we had to. ^^ Tradition. She and I went into some of the clothing stores and looked around...some places there I really want to go back to.

Then we went down to Borders, where we split up and went in opposite directions. I headed up to the manga section like I normally do, picked out my 2 books, and poked around.

There, on the top shelf, was volume 1 of Angelic Layer. Staring down at me as if to say 'buy me now!'

And I did. All 3 books, cost about 35 something. I had a $25 gift card and an extra 20. I am very happy. ^^

Testing went well. Boring, but done. Only thing is, after testing, I go to lunch, then back to my test site for math class. Sad, huh? Speaking of math...hw to do.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!


PS: Mika-san, I'm thinking of you. ^^ Hang in there, and hope you get your gas lines back in order down there.
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