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Entry 242 - Prequel to Slush Hunt 2

*points to title* You see that? It's true. Less than a day to go before 'slush hunt: the sequel' appears here. Dusty and I are meeting up and going out to the mall (thanks for the answer, Jeff!) and getting slushies, then going to Borders and stuff. It should be fun. ^^

Testing begins tomorrow. I get to miss my first few classes, but I don't miss lunch. ^^ Mods 7-8 lunch get dismissed to go do that if they're done with their tests. Yay.

To all my friends who need support, you have me to go to. I'm willing to back you all up and you can cry on me if you need to. Besides, I want to see my friends all happy, and you can't be happy if you're bummed out. *hugs to all*

Sara-chan, if you're out there, do you feel up to maybe doing a little RP tonight? WK-style? If we can get Pepsi-san with us, we have our Ken-kun. All we'll need is Aya-kun and we'll have the full group.

Well, I'm gonna post a couple IMs going together and I need to pay attention. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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