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Entry 241 - Good and Bad

*points at title* It's true. Let's see...

Everything went fine up until gym. Hirsch is planning on taking my theater class to a play sometime soon, renting a bus and stuff. Of course, we'd be leaving around 7 at night, so no missing school. Boo. -.-;

Then we have gym class, where we played a game called 'hoop golf'. It basically is shooting a ball through the hoop from different spots and recording how many shots it takes you to score. And I got hit face-first by a flying ball. Those things really do hurt, you know?

Ended up alone at the lunch table. Wasn't bad, got my math hw finished. Math went well, I finally know what I'm doing. Bio proved interesting: there was a tie between my team and another team for the win, so both teams got extra credit. Cool, huh?

The rest of the day proceeded as normal. And after school was OPT, where Liz had a visitor for the first bit of it, and then asked for suggestions for something to do for the rest of the time. Everybody wanted to go guess where we ended up going? The mall. Sadly, none of us had money, but we plan on going next week...with money. After, of course, we sing happy birthday to Carrie a few times. The big 1-5, Carrie? Go, girl. ^^

Here's a little more: week after, we plan on going to a climbing wall. I've never seen one for real...this should be interesting. We're gonna party. ^^

And another! Samu and I have finally started our new RP! My character is Kide Echo, and he's real spiffy. I have another character I'll use for other stuff...and his name is Rick Tayce. Pepsi-san, remember Samu's old sn from early DoL entries? You'll get it. ^^ In her honor.

Carlin, Jeff - Carrie and I were wondering if you guys wanted to do a mall trip this weekend; she's getting her allowance and I haven't been there in ages. What do you guys say? Gets us together to do stuff. ^^

Jessie, I'm enjoying the books. And all 4 of us have a guy from there now. Yay. Hope to keep reading, and I took great care of book 3. You wanna hang out sometime after school next week, if you can? I'm all for it.

Alrighty, I have to return to my hw and stuff, so I'm heading out. Expect a muse entry sometime soon, k? Niters, all..sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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