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Oh, the things we learn...*sigh*

Well, I learned all sorts of cool things to do for my computer...I learned how to make a new folder and put things in it, and how to have my files downloaded to another folder, and all sorts of other things! Aren't I special? ^_~
I still have homework, but I don't care, really. Translating the Shakesperian language is too much to ask, I say. Oh, well...teachers will never understand, I guess. I hope it snows soon. *sigh* I love snow...even just a little bit, I don't care, really.
I feel like I've been chosen for some big thing, but does that sound logical? Could it happen? I say....yeah, it probably could. *shrugs* I know, it doesn't exactly sound right, but still, it could happen. Oh, I'd probably enjoy it 'cause I could turn the tables on a certain neighbor of mine who thinks he's king of the trailor park across from me. Yeah, right.....and Talpa rules the world. Don't think so!
I know, it's after midnight up here, but I really don't care. I'm not tired yet. Plus, I have to do my homework. *yawns* I wanna stay home tomorrow....
Reading 195 is now temporarily down in A121....way down at the very end of the new addition in upper A wing, mind you.... while the floor is "edited" and being fixed. Long walk to the new room...*sigh*
English: we're reading "Romeo and Juliet", it's fine, but the language is all screwy. Can anyone make heads or tails of it? Sure, I can read it, but translating it into modern language? I don't think so...
Civics: nothing new.
Math: just got into chapter 3...end of first quarter coming soon.
Health: we did some game on was fun...and funny.
Science: just took ch.2 test on Friday...hope I passed *crosses fingers and hopes many times*
Well, I'm going to skip off to bed, all. Tomorrow...or should I say, today... might turn out better. All my friends have been grounded or aren't home! Why must the adults torture me like this?!
Laters, all...sleep well....have dreams...


P.S.. I will try and get another character bio in here soon..been kinda rushed so I haven't recently, k? Be on the lookout. ^_~
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