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Entry 240 - Party

It actually happened, and it went really well. Steph was all surprised to see the group of us there, and we laughed when she tried to run away and lock herself in the bathroom. I think we scared her...but we didn't mean to, really.

We did the cake and stuff pretty much as soon as we got there. Jess R had to go early, so after she left, it was me, Jessie, Carrie, Steph, and Sarah remaining to do stuff together. First thing we tried to do was a SM game, but that kinda...well...didn't work. None of us really were up to it. Eventually, we just ended up goofing around and talking about random things.

I didn't leave there until after 8:30. Didn't get home until about 9, after dropping Carrie off. We had fun.

*looks at last entry* Wow. Maybe I should talk about stuff like that more often? What should I do to get responses? How do you all get to be so popular?

I'm neglecting my math hw 'cause it's making my head hurt after all that's happened tonight. I'm glad I had a bit of a nap earlier, before the party. Samu, still working on the assignment you gave me. Kinda hard, considering I'm making a guy character who doesn't belong with any certain subject. I'll keep at it, though. When's the deadline, again? And if you need help with the plot, just say so. I'll help. ^^

I'll do the math later, I promise. Just want to get this done first. Thanks for the poetry attempt earlier, Jeff...I figured out what you were talking about by the places you named. Wasn't too hard, actually, once I read it a few times.

Well, the script in theater wasn't bad. We ended up getting a third member and got the chance to write out a halfway-near decent script. We performed it, too...with a bit of silly added in unintentionally. Oh, helped us, anyway. Now we have to memorize those scripts and perform them again for the class at a later date. *sighs* Wish us luck.

Yeah, I know, do the hw and stuff. I'll go do it soon as this thing is done and posted. So, I'm off now. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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