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Entry 239 - Plans

Well, there's plans for everything now. There will be a 'slush hunt: the sequel' coming out next Tuesday. It should prove to be very exciting..maybe the machines will all be up and running then...

I kept myself busy during my study halls by playing games on my brother's old graphing calculator. Kinda fun, really. Hope your day got better, Carlin, and hope you do get to go on that trip. Keep on hoping. ^^ Jeff, do you actually like getting hugged by everybody every morning? Maybe you're just craving attention. Well, we can give you that. *hugs*

Surprisingly enough, today went well. I hate my hw for tonight: worst bit is writing a script for 2 people using a format given for 3. Editing nightmare, anyone? >< Add that to the pile of questions for geometry (need to hunt down my teacher and have her sign my course card so I can pass the thing's late), and labelling things for bio. Yay. -.-;

At least tomorrow will be better. It'll be Steph's b-day *balloons and confetti* and we're throwing her a surprise party. She won't be able to see this entry until well after, so it's safe. Of course...throwing a surprise party isn't easy...but we can do it. ^^

Yeah, I'm stalling. So? That stuff's driving me crazy and I need a break. I chatted with Steph over lunch about our little group getting together for a water fight this summer. She laid claims on the hose, so we're in trouble. Who wants to join my party against the evil boss with the hose? Anybody? ^^; It should be fun.

Sibu, maybe you could start a community and devote it to him. Or the team. Or the race in general, who knows. Sky's the limit, right? Hey, I'd join, and I barely know the guy. If you have a muse of him, he can join in the muse community. I'm sure my gang would love to meet him. We should really start updating that again...maybe I'll post in there later.

Alright, stalled long enough. Just figured I'd tell you all about stuff in my life...for those of you who actually read this mess, I commend you. Anyway, better get back to what I'm supposed to be doing before I end up doing it at, say...3 in the morning.

Wait- do I have to post questions or something to get comments from anybody? Those of you who don't comment, yeah, but still...others are getting 20-something, and I barely even get one nowadays. Who out there actually reads this? Would it matter if I didn't post? Go ahead, say what you think.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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