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Entry 238 - End of Vacation

Yeah, that's right. The week is over, and all of us return to that place known as school at 07:00 tomorrow morning. Fun, huh? The others want to go back: nothing really exciting happened for most of us. For others, it was all fun.

Did I mention I was one of the former? No? Well..*points* I am.

I spent most of it at home; Tuesday's plans were cancelled due to the stupid snowstorm and my brother being taken to the hospital...he'd been sick since before Christmas, yeah, fun. Mom and him came home and she said I couldn't go 'cause the roads were horrible. Maybe we could reschedule or something? Winter is evil: want spring. Want summer, even.

I did go to Carrie's Wednesday night into Thursday...we went outside at 3 different points during the night, once to get food (BK), once to go down to Shaw's (pocky trip! ^^ and soda and candy), and once to go to 3G and get chips and slushies. We ended up going to Shaw's again the next morning to buy candles...go figure.

Well, now it's Sunday night, and school resumes tomorrow. I have been home since I came back from Carrie's and now my mom is sick. I'm hoping she'll get better soon 'cause she's absolutely miserable. And when she's miserable, we're all miserable. Here's to hoping for a quick, full recovery.

Samu and I have been working on that RP, and it's huge. I'm up to about...10 IMs, I think. Maybe we can continue it soon, Samu? And all the icon exchanges going on...I wish I could do something, but I couldn't make an icon to save my life. Maybe something else? A story, maybe?

Well...I'm heading out, off to do stuff. Defend the good, punish the bad, you know? Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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