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Entry 236 - Slush Hunt

What? It's what Dusty and I were doing yesterday: trying to find a working slush machine. Slush puppy machines, real ones, must be scarce or extinct or something; the ones we found were either not working or had been turned off or had been sent back to be repaired. We went to about 6 different stores before we settled with the premixed stuff at 3G. There's my story for theater class...

I wore my pretty necklace today. I'm going to wear it tomorrow, too. Got lots of compliments, I'm glad. Pepsi-san, I hope you get your compy working enough so you can get back online and do stuff. Samu, hope you manage to get your compy back in order, period. I lost the IM we were working on, so I guess we'll have to start back at the end of the first one. Good luck on that RP that you and Maria were doing, hope you're able to get back to it soon.

Hope you're feeling better, Carlin. I know you don't like phones much, hence why I don't call you. Ori, will you be on later? Sara-chan, maybe we could talk later if you want to. Are you planning on joining the muse community? We'd love to have you. ^^ I hope everybody else is having a better time now, and hugs to whoever wants one or needs one.

It snowed today. I ended up not being able to hang out with Carrie and stuff. Oh well...always this upcoming week...vacation. ^^ Friday is national skip day; those participating get to get out of the V-Day nonsense and the pap rally last period. Personally, I wish I could just forget it all...but I have to go. Which means suffering through the stupid pep rally and the V-Day garbage. Isn't the day for actual couples, not to give stuff to your friends or to your hairdresser or whatnot? Leave the day to the adults, don't bring it to the schools. *gets off soapbox*

There. I've been wanting to say that for a while, now. All of you who feel like commenting and flaming me, go right ahead. Just remember; my journal, I can state my opinion on what I want. Fair warning. (Yeah, like I'll get any comments at all on this, but I have to say it, k?)

My English teacher needs to start explaining things a bit better when it comes to our assignments. See, we were instructed to write this paper, due tomorrow. We discussed things today, but we're not sure how to write said paper. It's due tomorrow, final draft typed.

Also, my WG class is supposed to type up this annotated bibliography thing and pass it in by the beginning of class on Friday. Of course, my WG class is 15-16, when the previously mentioned pep rally is. We had 2 days in the library and we're in class tomorrow. Monday we missed class due to the evactuation. So, I don't see me getting that done until...oh, after vacation or something. And it's worth 3 grades, which means it's a big thing.

Alright, I'm just rambling now. So, I'm gonna post this before I start spouting random stuff- oh, wait, I already am. My bad. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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