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Entry 235 - Occurance

Well, Carlin and them beat me to it. Yeah, I'm sure the whole LJ world knows now that our school had a chemical spill and we were all sent home early. After they left, I still had to get my jacket...and to do that, we had to go outside and walk down to the door of lower A wing. They closed off upper B and told us we'd have to go around, so we did. Carrie, bless her heart, gave me her jacket to wear on the walk down, since mine was (oddly enough) in my locker.

After doing that, we walked up to my house, almost getting run over by some guy on a snowmobile riding on the sidewalk. Great, huh? Mom was really surprised when she opened the door and found us standing there..and more surprised when I told her the story. Yeah, it's Monday. Go figure.

So, I got to try pocky. And might I say, it is really great stuff. ^^ I have money to go buy some, day after tomorrow, so yay. Tomorrow, I get to spend time with Scott's girlfriend Dusty...she's coming to get me after school, and we're going to get slush puppies and read stories and look at neat pics and everything. It's great when your oldest brother has a girlfriend who has common interests with you, huh? ^.~

Meanwhile, I'm watching in amusement as Samu and Maria attempt to do an OC RP...and to see who can out-mode the other best. This should be good...can't wait to start it finally. Good luck, both of you. ^^;

So, there's the day in a nutshell, and plans for the next couple days. Anyway, I'm going to get back to this and (hopefully) get my bio hw done as well. Pepsi-san, Dusty says the necklace came in and she'll bring it tomorrow. You and I should meet up and get pics taken together or something, as a joke, you know? Just a thought. ^^; Yeah.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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