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Entry 232 - They're Doing What?

Wait just a sec, here. The rumor mill here on LJ is saying that there's posting limits now? I read the post in news, but are they going by days or weeks or what? Free users only get 3 posts, while the early adopters get 10 and paid/permanent get 20? I'm agreeing with the others, at least let the free ones get 5. It does seem like we're trying to be coerced into buying a paid account. They're counting community entries into our totals as well, so the communities are really gonna suffer with the free users.

Where is everybody tonight? Nobody's on, or whoever's on is away. Somebody talk to me, please? ;_;

I stayed home today 'cause I was sick and miserable. Hey, Sibu, you think it's possible to catch a bug from a friend online? I think I might have a bit of what you have. Bummer. And it was a Thursday, too...stayed home sick, which meant I missed OPT. Major bummer. --;

Ori? Pepsi-san? If you guys come on later or tomorrow, feel like doing that posse RP idea that we talked about a while back? I'm all for it...besides, it'll be fun. ^^

Steph, in case you actually read my LJ, I have a message for you. I don't like what you've been saying about me, and I think you should keep your opinions to yourself. You say you're embarrassed to be seen with me? Then don't hang out around me. I want to be friends out of friendship, not out of pity. Don't try to change me. Want reasons for stuff? The phone, compy, tv and all that came before losing dad, and they all came from my brothers, who have jobs and make money. I don't have a car, or an ATV, or a snowmobile. You have those 3 things, and 2 dads. We're all spoiled in some ways, and we all think everybody else is spoiled compared to us. Do you think about what you're saying? Is it really true? NO. It's an opinion, nothing more. Consider the effects of what you say, and wonder why it's hard for you to be trusted.

Here's the update from Sibu: communities are not included in the post total, and free users get 5 entries for a limit. ^^ Better, much better. At least I can handle that, what with this LJ and the 4 communities I'm part of. ^^;

Well, it's getting late, and I should relax. Hope you guys are all feeling better, and I wish you all luck. Big *hugs* to my buddies out there who are feeling sad or miserable, and lots of soup and meds to the miserable sick ones.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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