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Entry 231 - Long Update

Yeah, it's been a while. I've been doing stuff and somehow, my poor LJ got overlooked or lost in the shuffle. Well, I'm back, and I have lots to say. Let's begin:

I didn't go to the dance. I got the dress and then found out that my date cancelled (yes, Carrie did hook me up with Eric) just after. So, instead, I spent the night at Carrie's and we had fun. We walked down to the 3G food mart to get stuff, and I found that they had slush puppies. So of course, we each got one. Nostalgia trip, anyone? ^^

Right now, I'm working on finishing up a project for World Geo (WG) that's worth 2 grades, so of course it's important. It's also due by the end of class tomorrow, so I gotta get it done. All I need to do is finish typing the essay part of it, put it all together, and hand it in. On time, too.

Carrie invited me to go to her place after school tomorrow, so I'll be having fun there. Maybe we can get slush puppies again or something...I've been craving them all week. Or maybe we can go visit Jessie and Steph. We'll do something. ^^

Meanwhile, I watch Ori and her friend, Sara-chan, RP in a chatroom. I'm semi-watching, as well as completing my work and updating this. Carlin was right about the fire drills..twice in a row, I think it might've been an upperclass person protesting against going to school or something, it's possible. Hopefully, they'll catch whoever's behind it all, it *is* a crime to pull the alarm.

My gym class has been working on our cross-country skiing unit, and next week we might start riding the trails in the woods. For now, we mainly go around the soccer field and stuff, just to warm up and get used to the skis again and again. I fell twice the first day, and didn't fall today. Amy, on the other hand, didn't fall the first day, but fell twice today. She and I now have a joke going: next class, we'll probably both fall, together. ^^ Hehe.

Samu-chan, are you still a member of the muse community? I heard that your muses moved, and I wasn't sure where to or anything. Sibu, are you coming back to the community? Sara-chan, are you joining? Steph, can't wait for your next LJ update. Jessie, yours too, I didn't see the other one. Was it friends-locked? That might be why...or private, then I'd never see it. Carrie, you need to update again. Pepsi-san, are you up to talking? Mika-chan, I hope things go well for you, and you as well, Amanda-cuz. Whoever else is out there, I wish you lots of luck for the rest of this week.

Well, I better get back to my essay before it gets too late or I forget about it. So, if anybody wants to talk to me, you know where I am. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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