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Entry 230 - Dance Party, part 1 least, I hope so.

Well, things have been pretty crazy, planning for this thing. For starters, I'm now incredibly upset 'cause I'm trying to find a date for this thing. Carrie decided she really didn't want to go anyway, and offered to ask Eric for me. Of course, we'll have to hope really hard that he'll agree to going with me.

I still need to get a dress. I first have to find out if I'll be able to go or not, though, and that's the hard part.

Midterms start Tuesday. I'm hoping that I'll do good enough to bring all my grades up to a decent level.

Steph has an LJ now. ^^ Everybody welcome Tsuki-chan to the wonderful world of LJ. Don't scare her off or anything, k?

Well, I better be off. Pepsi-san, will you be on in a while? It's almost midnight here, and I really wanna talk to you. I'm sure Ori does as well. Besides, you're a fun person.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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