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Entry 229 - Misery, part 2

Darn you, Monday, and darn you, 01-10.

If you want a reason for that statement, go read Carlin's LJ and then you'll know. I knew the guy, k? It's harsh. He was just fine on Friday when we all last saw him, and now he's gone? Talk about split-second.

To cheer things up a bit, there's this big dance happening this weekend, girls are supposed to ask guys. I'm personally going with my friends 'cause I can't get a guy. Thing is, our group is gonna need to get dresses for the occasion, of which I have none. So, time for a shopping trip.

Luckily, tomorrow I have gym, and we're currently playing floor hockey. It's my favorite part of gym class, and I wish they had teams for it, as an after-school activity. At least it'd give me something fun and athletic to do, and my friends could get involved, too.

Pepsi-saaaaaaaan, where are you? Ori and I are online and ready to go...we need you. Are you gonna be on? I'll be up until 02:00 my time (begged ma ^^; wanted to be up to watch stuff) and I hope to see you guys enjoying the RP. Are your guys going to really get into it? *waves camera* ^.~

Found a drawback to mod 8 lunch: I end up going across the school in less than 5 minutes to get to my mods 9-10 geometry upper A wing.

Lunch is in the cafeteria...D wing. Across the school from said class. We have 5 minutes between classes, and lots of traffic, especially in lower B lobby.

Which means I end up running. After eating. Pain. *.*

Anyway...hope you all have a better night, and that things decide to clear up soon. Good luck to you all.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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