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Entry 227 - Mall Trip

Well, luckily we managed to do our mall trip today. We got cool stuff, too. Carlin got a magazine and a CD, Jeff...I think he got a DVD and that was all. I'll talk about my stuff later on in the entry.

School starts up again tomorrow. I'm thinking of staying up really late, what are you all planning? I just hope that things go well and that the teachers aren't all grouchy.

*looks at clock* 11:41. My alarm is set for 06:30. Am I gonna get any sleep tonight?

*glances at current RP* Nope. ^^;

Anyway, the mall trip. I actually bought 3 things, but only 2 really matter. They were all bought at Borders. One of them was a soda from the cafe (I needed one, really). The others were a kanji bookmark and a new graphic novel. I'm starting to read another new series, Saint Tail. It sounds cool. ^^

Tomorrow's a Monday, right? 01-10 is a Friday...this Friday, in fact. Let's hope I don't go into an emotional breakdown or anything then, k?

Well, if I'm around later, I'll probably post again. Let's see, how late shall I be up? 3, 4? 5, maybe? All night? Anyway, this entry should be ended.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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