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Entry 221 - A New Year Coming

Yeah, I know. It's been over a week, but I've been doing other stuff. Go figure, huh? Anyway, here's a recap of the things missed:

AC Claims has really taken off. We're up to..39 members right now, I think...and it's still going. The muse community is really quiet, since out of the 4 members that post, nobody's been posting lately. Maybe I'll do so later. ^^

I got some great stuff on the holiday, and although everybody else has done it, I'm not giving the full list. The best things out of all my presents happened to be the black gloves I got from mom with a star pattern on the back, the Borders gift card from Aunt Bonnie (she spoils me ^^), and a few other things. I now have 3 new necklaces..I need a spot for them all, and soon. I loved all I got. ^^

Plans for a New Years party: cancelled. There's no way we can get us all together for one, considering our hostess (Steph) is babysitting that night and wouldn't have been able to do it anyway since her parentals are going out to a party of their own. She might be able to bring one of us 3 with her...however, she's not sure who to bring. Carrie's grounded until Sunday, and Jessie's in Portland for who knows how long.

Boy, we need tracking devices or something. ^^;

Vacation is just flying by. Sadly, it'll be done before we know it, and we just got our snow. Major snow, mind you, not just a light dust that'll be gone by morning. I need a new winter coat so I can go play in it.

Look at who's back from a long's Samu! How's the new house coming? Did your cat come back yet? I hope so. Maybe we can do something with Pepsi once she gets back on.

New Years Eve is Tuesday...can you all believe it? Sooner than we think, it'll be 2003, and another year come and gone.

With the arrival of the 3rd anniversary of 01-10 and the second anniversary of 09-11, mind you. And all of you close to me know what 01-10 means to me, so...*shrugs*

Well, I don't think I missed anything. I now have a specific co-moderator job in ac_claims: commentor. This meaning that if people claim a place already claimed, I get to break the news to them. Fun, huh? Wish me luck. ^^

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your wishes come true. Laters, all!

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