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Long day....and people keep calling me Navi...

I needed a title, and that is actually true. People say I'm annoying, just like her. Then my friend Caley bottled me, but I showed him who's boss. Nobody bottles me and gets away with it.
Well, sorry I haven't posted for a few days, but I've had other stuff going on, and it got late so fast! It's really windy and cold out, and I swear I almost froze this morning. It was cold this afternoon, too, and it started raining soon after. I just had to go visit someone else, and I headed for home as fast as I could... but I was on my bike. No big deal, 'cause I'm actually pretty fast on my bike.
Nothing new, really. I need sleep, and I can't focus on my science review, due tomorrow. Oh, well, I just can't get it done. No big deal, I guess.
I was thinking of doing a halloween party for our original group, but I need a date, time, and place. I wonder if it could be at Kelly's, 'cause her b-day party was cool there. I'll have to check with her on that....^_^
Well, time for me to go to bed. I'm cold and tired, so, I'll just have to snuggle down in my blanket and try to stay warm. I've been thinking of a new idea, but it has snow in it. Winter thoughts already...and I'm saying I'm cold. Me, who sleeps with her fan on high even in the dead of winter. Oh, well....I'm funny that way.
Niters, all.....sleep well and have dreams. ^_~

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