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Entry 218

*looks at date* 2 weeks? Wow. Guess I'd better bring everybody back up to speed, huh? Well, here goes...

The holiday was fine. Nothing big, really. Poor Jessie is a little..incapacitated for the time being, and she's heartbroken that she might miss the concert she's supposed to be in. I'll let her give details.

The second quarter of school is always really short, with the vacations and days off and stuff. Plus, there's risks of snow days and stuff. The juniors are doing testing, which means lower A wing is closed off from mods 1-6 (1-8 tomorrow, 1-4 Friday). All the displaced classes end up in the Auditorium, where we can chatter on and be bored. It's like having a study hall, I guess. Bor-ing. -.-;

I've been talking to Sibu lately online (so fun! ^^) and got to chatting with Maria and some others again. Someday, maybe we could get a big group chat going, get everybody involved. Big major RP, Sibu? Unless you guys aren't which case, nevermind. Something to think about, though. ^^

I'm now waiting to see if my brother is going to do a food run. Mom left money, and I hope he'll do it soon, if at all.

I hate writer's block. It's just such a pain, especially when I can't do anything else in my study halls. So lately, I've been reading, to limit the boredom. Or I just sit there and daydream...of course, I do that during class, too, but the teachers call on people at random, so..*shrugs* oops. ^^;

Well, I'm going to try and do this updating more regularly, but when LJ's a brat, I can't. So don't expect any miracles. Besides, I'm usually doing other stuff, too. *chases muses*

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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