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Entry 217 - Updates

Well, today was Thursday, which meant my very first OPT meeting. I was seriously wired on the bus ride there, and all excited during our 'mission'. We went to Glenburn to do activities with the little kids there, and then we all got a ride home. All us girls were singing along with the radio, especially with one song that we all loved. Fun fun. ^^

I got my grades yesterday. Blah. Nothing to really celebrate, except that I got a 1 in conduct for every subject. Lowest grade was a D- in World Geo...but that was all. No big deal.

I organized my folders on my compy again, making a couple new folders inside other ones. I sorted links, and moved pics and files around. Hey, when you're bored, you need something to do, right? Some people listen to music...I sort compy files.

As for my 'party''s currently being postponed yet again, since Jessie suddenly has to go to NH and Carrie's heading to her gps. I'll wait again..maybe we'll have a holiday party and bake cookies or something. I promised the girls that one of the performance nights for the musical was for us to go together, no questions asked. My treat. ^^

Oh, and I finally got my lenses ordered, and should be going to get them tomorrow. Either that, or mom will take them while I'm napping and get them that way, like she did last time. New, reminds me of what happened to her car window on Tuesday. Completely shattered, probably due to a rapid temperature change. She got it replaced yesterday while I was at school. Go figure, huh? One thing does lead to another.

Still writing, still reading. Carrie and I dug up FF game scripts, and I've been reading a few. Now I'm quoting lines and laughing about the strangest things, I swear. Hopefully, our group can get together and run lines sometime, just for fun. We still have the play we were going to do..maybe this summer, when we can get everybody assembled?

Alright, enough is enough. I've chattered on for long enough, so I'll let you all get back to what you were doing now. Niters, all..sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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