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Entry 215 - Act I

Look at me, I'm back again. Yeah, I know, too long, but cut me some slack. I've been busy. In review:

This weekend, I attempted to spend time with my friends, but that ended up waiting until the holiday. Steph invited me over to spend the night on Saturday, and I went over there, thinking it would be fine. We had fun (yes, Rikku does seem like me, Steph) and everything went well. Of course, at 3 the next morning I was heading home so we could both get sleep.

Today, I had gym first class, a lab day where I could go to lunch but had nothing to eat (somebody bought me a chocolate milk, bless his heart), long study halls, and then the meeting after school. We went through Act I (first 6 scenes, I think), to make sure we knew how things went. What we need are more tech people; we only had 6 working today, and 3 left early since they didn't know how late we were running. Go figure.

Well, my party is still set for the 23rd, and Steph said she might be able to come, too. So it'd be us 4, all in my room, watching tv/movies late into the night and sleeping in. If you other people want to stop by and offer things to the party, by all means, do so. We'll need stuff. And you might be lucky enough to get a piece of ice cream cake for your actions. ^^

Hard to believe we're already halfway through November. Carrie says she gets off the 19th, and if my party gets postponed again, she'll bring me to her gps in Glenburn. So either way, I'll have something fun to do.

Alrighty, I better head off to do...stuff. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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