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Entry 214

Well, there go my weekend plans. Apparently, I now have to either wait until the 23rd to have my party, or just abort the plans. Is anybody up for hanging out this weekend? ><

I stayed home today for a good reason. I hate this time of the month because my hormones are always out of control until the week is over and my party being pushed even farther is not helping me any. And yes, before you ask, this is a slight rant, so if you don't care, move on.

My actual b-day was back in September. I waited to have my party so my friends could come. It is now November, almost 2 months later, and I still am waiting. Pretty soon, it'll be the end of this month and I'll probably still be waiting.

If any of you care, good. If any of you don't, then whatever. I'm sick and tired of waiting and I feel like I'm going to throw something. So, if anybody still wants to actually see me this weekend, I'll be free...unwillingly, that is.

There you go. If you're sick of me ranting, I'm done. You can all go back to what you were doing now. Hopefully I'll be feeling better later, and then you'll get a somewhat-more-cheerful entry.

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