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Entry 213 - Halloween Report

*glances at date* Don't say a word. I've been busy and stuff lately, running around on duty and planning for my party next weekend. I would've just skipped doing an entry tonight, but decided against it. After all, there's lots to say about what's happened, right? ^.~

I did go to the bonfire as planned, and did get pics. I'm bringing my camera to school tomorrow, Carlin, so if you want to see the pics, I'll have them. Missed the game (didn't have anybody to go with -.-) and didn't go to the dance.

Last night, our gym was turned into mock election HQ, with people updating the numbers and scmoozing with everybody. Lots of pizza, lots of people, lots of running around. All that for some extra credit in Would Geo (which I need...badly). I even managed to claim one of the extra pizzas left over at the end. I came home, did my hw, then crashed. I can't believe how tired I was. ~.~

Tonight, I started out doing candy duty, up until mom decided to take over and shooed me upstairs. I was called back down soon after by the appearance of Jeff and Carlin at my door, out making their own rounds. I tagged along, following them back down to Carlin's house (after gathering some candy of my own ^^), and getting pictures taken of us.

Tomorrow after school, I'm walking with Carlin to her place, and we'll wait for Jeff to walk there after rehearsal for the play (unless we're waiting for him there). We're going to sort out the candy to see who's getting what.

That's done. Now, about my party...

It's going to be next weekend, starting about 2 if I have to go to tech or earlier if I don't, and if the girls need rides, we'll do that. I'm doing it Saturday night into Sunday for a good reason: Saturday night anime. ^^ That, and we get to sleep in on Sunday. I just hope we can all fit on my bed...

Jeff, Kit: Do you guys feel like maybe going to the mall this Saturday? There's a sale going, it'll get us out and able to buy more stuff. What do you say? It's up to you guys.

*looks at muses* I got late b-day gifts from Carrie (Maya): game notes for my story, and 2 printed stories. Tenshific! ^^ I do believe I adore Maya just more and more now.

Well, I'm done. All caught up again, and hopefully, I'll keep it that way. If I fall behind again, somebody just rattle my cage and get me posting again, k? Good.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!


PS: Remember my brother's webpage? The rants, too? I have something up there. Go look at it! ^^

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