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Entry 210 - Happy B-day to Me! ^^

That's right, world..I'm now 16. Go me. ^^

My big weekend thing is going to be staying at Carrie's house until Sunday. She's coming here after school tomorrow, I'm gonna get my stuff together, and we'll have my mom drive us to Carrie's. Hopefully, we can see Jessie if she's out on a bike ride.

Mom took me out to the mall to see if that shirt I found was was. I bought it, and I'm wearing it tomorrow for picture day. I also got 3 new necklaces (a dolphin and its little one, a star, and leaves) and a new issue of my magazine that I like. The rest of my gifts will be in next week, mom says.

Has everybody heard about's new restrictions? Totally unfair. I'm losing a few of my favorite stories simply because they're at a rating that is being wiped out. (One of them, btw, is a great FF8 fic that is only up to 4 chapters and is just getting good...><) Anybody care to raise a protest chat with me? They say in their little logo, 'unleash your imagination and free your soul.' How can we do that if there's so many restrictions?

Anyway, I have homework to catch up on, so I will head out. Niters, all..sleep well, have dreams, and may all your wishes come true. Laters, all!

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