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Wishing On the Moon.....Part 2

Hi all! Goody-good-great news! Steph invited me to the halloween party she's having this Saturday! It's gonna be so much fun, I bet. At least it'll give us something to do, since I've heard rumors about trick-or-treating being outlawed this year. Not fair! I may not go trick or treating myself, but I know lots of people who do. *sigh*
Well, Jessie and Steph have come up with a petition hoping to change the name of Fifth St. back to Fifth St., and I'm sure I'm gonna sign. Just to tell those of you who don't know about it, Fifth St.'s name was changed last year in honor of the school superintendent who retired. We, of course, had absolutely no say in it, so of course we're upset.
I don't know what I'm going to get for Carlin's b-day, and even if I did, I couldn't post it in here. So, sorry all.
Maria and I aren't really talking or anything, so I'm not so sure about her story. It's getting interesting, though...will try to keep you updated.
It's still early, but I'm already pretty tired. There was a lot going on today, and I was pretty busy. Good news and bad news, all...
Good news: I'm going to Steph's party and I'm gonna have lots of fun. I'll see the others there, too.
Bad news: Jessie's team lost. *crying* So did Steph's.
*sigh* Well, I should be skipping off to bed soon. *yawn* Still need to work on my halloween costume.
Maria and I are talking again....gotta go. Laters, all.....sleep well and have dreams.

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