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Incoming School Days - Entry 204

Yes, I have returned to post again. Has anybody besides me discovered the LJ trading cards? I have. Those things are weird, but cool. There's even a community for those with cards made for themselves.

The festival went well. I adored all the plays, but the most humorous was the second one we saw, Jessie and Steph with me. We tried to get Carrie to go see the last showing of it, but she didn't go. Oh well.

Steph has decided to do some editing with our scripts for the play. By 'editing', I mean changing the end of it. Meaning more fighting, more characters dying, and a big headache for the director (me). Play cast, rehearsals are starting 09-09, Steph says, after school. The next will be 09-13, the day after my b-day.

I haven't even gone school shopping yet. All I really need for clothes are pants...maybe some jeans, if I can find some that fit me. Of course, mom wants a list...*reminds herself to write one sometime soon* ^^

I have a lot of stories I need to get back to, and a lot of things I need to do. Think about it: back when I could have sleepovers here, everybody was open. Now that I can have people stay the night, nobody can come. Does that make sense?

No, it doesn't. Exactly my point. It's true, though.

Anyway, has anybody looked at the community? If it's something you think you could join, do so. Read the userinfo, then join. After all, only 3 members and Alex has decided to watch it with us. ^^ Poor Carlin could use help in animecity, I know...but release dates and stuff are things I can't do, really. I'll try to help out, Carlin...after all, being a co-moderator means I need to take some action in helping, and I will. Once we get rehearsals going, I'll start up reports.

Well, I think I've chased you all off by now, so I will be on my way. I'll try to post more often, really...^^ Niters, all... sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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