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Festival Days - Entry 203

*looks at date of last entry* Wow...I haven't posted for a while, everybody must think I dropped off the face of the planet or something. Well, too bad, I didn't. So there. ^^

Does anybody want to join the community that Ori and I started up? Let your muses come and have's a big community...

That's the userinfo page...go look and see if you feel like joining. So far, it's just Ori and me, co-moderators.

Surprisingly enough, I actually cleaned my room. *watches as everybody dies of shock* ...yeah. So, who's proud of me?

So, yeah, I haven't updated in a while. Either I forgot, or I was too busy. Hopefully, Carrie and Steph can go to the festival with Jessie and me...then it'll be our full group of 4. We'll do a picnic and everything. ^^ It'll be great.

I've been very close to my bike ever since I got it back. It's been 11 days since it was returned to me, and I'm using it a lot. I've ridden to the high school a couple times...everything's quiet up there. Of course, it won't be quiet for too long. Orientation is coming up, 08-29.

Well, I'm back, I posted, so I hope you're happy. Anyway, I must be off. Hello to Tot and Exztazi (I can spell her name now! yay! ^^) and I hope they have fun on my friends list. Niters, all..sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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