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Day of Rejoicing - Entry 202

Remember a while back, when I posted that my bike had been stolen? Guess what?

Today, we found it. It was over in the trailor park, and Derek and his brother noticed it. They came to get me, and we went to look. Sure enough, there she was, in somebody else's driveway. I called from Derek's house, and Drew brought the car over. We showed him, and he confirmed it. So we went home, and mom called the cops.

Well, long story, but the guy's tale just kept changing. Eventually, the cop car returned with the truck lid open, which I knew meant that he had my bike with him in the car. So a few minutes later, I gave him a hug. I think I surprised him, but I think he deserved it for helping.

Carrie can vouch for me, I was bouncing around all hyper earlier. We'll have to get a gift for Derek and his family as a thanks for helping us. ^^

So, in play news, rehearsals haven't really started yet...but everybody except Ariel has their scripts, so maybe soon. Of course, then Jessie and I are working on her movie...then a million other things...*sighs* things aren't looking good.

I talked to mom about me having an anime party for my 16th b-day. She said we'll have to see, especially since my b-day falls on a Thursday (school day). We'll probably hold it Saturday, and my family party on the real date.

I have been to Carrie's gp's in Glenburn, and that place is mega-spiffy. I stayed the night (sleeping until 3:30 in the afternoon) and had so much fun. So, I've joined the ranks of Jessie and Steph. And get this: they were originally going to the fair as a group, without me...and they didn't go. Carrie and Carlin went with Carrie's gps, but Jessie and Steph didn't go. Talk about ironic.

Well...I'm out of things to talk about, so I guess this entry is over. Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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