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LJ B-Day: Entry 200! ^^

Well, here we are. Entry 200, on my LJ's first b-day! *passes out cookies, throws confetti* Let's celebrate!

I decided to do this now 'cause I might be going to Jessie's to spend the night, and her monster-little brother decided to fool around with her compy. So she can't get online at all.

I've been trying to stay sane, meanwhile. I finally hunted down the fic I've been looking for, and saved it. I saved something almost like it, too. Now I have reading to entertain me. ^^ Yay.

Hopefully, our play cast can meet soon so we can start rehearsals. Just call me Selphie, the special events coordinator! *poses* ^^; After all, we have all the scripts, I can do costumes, and we have almost all the roles filled. How much more waiting do we have to do?

Out of sheer boredom around 1-2 this morning, I decided to clean my room a bit., cleaning my room...of my own free will, mind you. I must've really been bored, huh? I had my media player blasting, too...80's mix CD. Music to clean by, anyone? ^.~

This is probably gonna be a long entry, so be ready. Also, message to Jess, Ori, and Tot: Any idea when we might be able to continue the original RP? After all, we waited until Jess got we're just sitting. ;_; Please? Continue?

So, anybody out there wanna congratulate me? Anybody? Just leave a comment or something...*waits for comments*

*crickets chirp*

...alright...I think I get the hint. Well...I think this means I'm done. So, until next entry! Laters, all!

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