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Entry 197 -

Yeah, I'm back. ^^ Did you miss me? *is j/k*

I know it's after 1:30 in the I seem like I care? *glares at muses* I could be writing, but won't cough up anything to write...

Aela: Doesn't acting count?

Sapphire: Um...acting isn't writing...

Bingo, girls. And I have tons of stuff lying unfinished around my room, I'm out of razor blades to shave with, my friends won't stop running off places and I just got my scripts printed earlier, we need to do rehearsals before school starts, we're low on cast members, and nothing seems to be going right. Have I made myself clear?

Aela/Sapphire/Ragdoll/Virgo: Crystal.

Good. Anyway...have people seen the change on Jeff's LJ? Kit did a great job on it, huh? The animecity post is'd she do that so well? ^^

Yeah, I'm catching up. 3 more days, 3 more entries...I might even get another entry in soon. ^^ I'm doing great, huh?

Well, laters again! Until next post! (5 minutes or so...)

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