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Entry 196 -

Yeah, this is late, but I figured I'd post anyway. I'll be up for a while, so...

Mom's gonna make a report on Monday I hope, and we can't find the serial number, which will be a bit of a problem. I do know several ways to identify the bike, though, so that should be enough to help.

Carrie might be coming over later...and play cast, worry no longer, for I have the scripts printed and ready to go. I have costuming supplies as well, and props can be offered. However, we will need help with props, so bring what you can, k? ^^

Jessie, hurry back...we've forgotten about the RP and we're waiting for you to come back. That, and I have a pack of ramen to give you and the next story entry. Hope your reunion went well. ^^

By the way, a warning: any of who who doubt me getting my bike back, do not express this to me, for I will probably snap at you very loudly.

Well, if I come up with anything new, I'll post again. Plus, I need to catch up with my deadline...laters, all!

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